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$25 Facebook Credits
$25 Facebook Credits
$29.95  Buy Now
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$25 Zynga Game Card
$25 Zynga Credits  USA USA
Game Code Quickly Delivered in Email
Price: $29.95

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Card Information
Zynga game cards are used for in-game currency to buy items you want in all participating Zynga social games. Use your Zynga credits and buy digital goods in any of Zynga's online games, including popular games such as FarmVille, FrontierVille, CafeWorld, CityVille and others.

What Can I Do with the Zynga Credits?

Game Add-Ons for the Ultimate Playing Experience
Credits can be redeemed as virtual currency to purchase game items in all participating Zynga online games.

List of some Participating games:
Empires and Allies

Game Card Features:
  • $25 Zynga Credits to redeem in a Zynga game. For a list of participating games visit Zynga Game Cards.
  • Enhance game playing with premium add-ons such as new game items and more!
  • Prepaid Zynga credits never expire.

Game Codes Are Conveniently Emailed
Receive game code pin numbers directly in your email! You donít need to drive to the store anymore. First time buyers will typically require a quick verification. Afterwards, verified consumers will instantly receive their game codes in the email on future purchases.

How to Use the $25 Zynga Game Card
Redeem Zynga Credits Online in Three Easy Steps:
  1. Visit a social network like Facebook to connect to a Zynga game like FarmVille, CafeWorld, etc.
  2. Obtain the game code PIN we deliver to your e-mail.
  3. Select game card in the payment option
  4. When prompted, enter the unique PIN number to redeem for in-game currency and enjoy!

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